If you're a photographer, do you ever just get into a creative slump, draw blanks during sessions or just have no inspiration? Well that was me a few weeks ago. Of course, right after the holidays comes the slow season and I know me personally, I hate it. On a good note, I will say it's the perfect time to get things done - catch up on any editing, market, etc.

Well, I was getting tired of the same poses, the same prompts and feeling like all of my sessions were looking the same. That's when I happened to come across these two and though they'd be perfect for a model call. I wanted to try out new things, try out new poses and prompts and get out of my normal comfort zone and BOY DID THEY KILL IT! I mean, just look at how perfect these two are!

With that being said, it's okay to get out of your normal comfort zone and it's okay to try new things. 2020 is all about pushing myself to try new things and get myself out of my normal comfort zone!