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In my own opinion, boudoir is ALL about being comfortable in your own skin and realizing how much of a bada** woman you are! Boudoir is one of my favorite type sessions because I love helping women have the confidence they 100% deserve to have. One of my favorite responses has to be from a girl who, when I turned my camera around to show her a picture I had just taken of her, says "okay hunny! I can't even believe that's me!" YES HUNNY THAT'S YOU AND YOU ARE WORKING IT!

I personally know what it feels like to be an insecure girl in today's society. Our society has it's own view on what it thinks women should look like and I say to heck with it. It's okay to be thick. It's okay to have stretch marks. It's okay to have cellulite. If you are comfortable with your body, then you are winning sister!


Are my photos kept private?

Your images are most definitely kept private. The only time I use images on my website/social media is when I am given written consent from a client. Your images will be given to you in a completely private online gallery locked by a passcode that only you and I possess.

I'm awkward and nervous!

No worries! I will pose you, so you don't have to worry at all! 90% of my clients were all nervous before attending their boudoir session! It is completely normal to be nervous for this! I will encourage you the entire time! Trust me, you'll hear me say "okay hunny, I see you!" about a million times during your session. Plus, I have music playing the entire time because who doesn't love to jam?

Do you provide lingerie?

I do not provide lingerie, so I do ask that you bring your own. Bring multiple things to choose from so you have different options. I always recommend you bring something to show off your personality (a jersey, leather jacket, jean jacket, your significant other's shirt, etc.)

Is the location fee included in my package?

If you book your session during one of my Boudoir Marathon weekends, then yes the location fee is included! If you are not able to make one of the boudoir weekends and need to book your session on a seperate day, then a location fee may apply.

Boudoir Marathon 2020 Dates

May 23, 2020 | Gastonia, NC


"Madison made me feel so comfortable during my shoot. I definitely would recommend her to anyone needing a great photographer. She always makes sure the customer is happy with the product and she is a great pick when looking for a photographer who is willing to go above and beyond for you!"


"She is so skilled, I cannot express that enough. I did a boudoir shoot with her and she made you feel extremely comfortable and sexy! She got my pictures back, I felt like it was overnight! She has a keen eye for this and can’t wait to have my fiancé & I’s engagement pictures done. Book with this sweet woman you won’t regret it!"


Madison made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. She has a great personality and the overall experience I had was awesome!